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Saturday, 12 May 2018 22:03

I Love What I Do and I Do What I Love - My new production with my friends The Blessed Blend! (May 12, 2018)

Over the years, I have enjoyed working with some true music legends like Jimmy Hall, Randall Bramblett, Mike Mills and so many others, but it is a real thrill to work with artists that are still growing and in the prime of making their mark.

At Shadow Sound Studio, I have carefully built a group of professional session musicians and the right gear with which to capture their performances over the past 20 years.

I was so thrilled when my friends the Riverwinds, AKA The Blessed Blend, came all the way from their new home in Minnesota to record 2 of their most recent compositions with me once again.

I recorded the first 2 albums with them and even performed with them live at the 2007 Gathering of Nations Festival in NM.

Their new project, 2 songs, "Our Kiss To Israel" and "Elder Brother", are their most ambitious offerings to date and I was excited to be the recording engineer and produce the track with the Riverwinds!

The first song, "Our Kiss", was a real challenge because it was so dynamic with moments of quiet beauty juxtaposed with moments of awesome power and grandeur!

For this task, I brought in my secret weapon, Nestor Jaenz to play piano, arrange and conduct the strings and play English horn and bass guitar. The students from the Mercer "Robert McDuffie String Center" did an amazing job playing Nestor's creation with the Revierwinds singing and adding their trademark Celtic harp and Native American Flute!

The second song, "Elder Brother", featured drums from Adam Wolfe, keys from Tom Rule and I joined the guys on bass guitar and shaker. Once again, the unique vocals and native drums of the Riverwinds infused the track with something other-worldly!

It was such a joy to work on this because of all the amazing people that were not only musically stimulating but also wonderful to be around because they are such wonderful spirits!

These songs are special to the Revierwinds for so many reasons and honestly they can share it with you better than I ever could. So I'll just say you owe it to yourself to check out their new project at the website below, you won't be sorry!

Check out the Our Kiss video:

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