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Mr. Stuckey takes time to talk with the students on their level to put a fine focus on the science of music.

—Amy Marlowe, Clifton Ridge Middle School


I would recommend [Joey] as a presenter of master classes and additional speaking engagements at institutions of higher learning.

—Dr. Douglas Hill, Director of Instrumental Ensembles, Townsend School of Music, Mercer University


[Joey] brought the house down and left the delegates with a sense of pride and fulfillment.

—Dr. Lucy Greene, Department of Culture, Communication & Media, University College of London


[Joey] is a very versatile and accomplished musician and [his] presentation tied right into the concept I try to drive home with my improvisation students about how theory makes music like a three dimensional object...

—Larry Panella, Professor of Jazz Studies, University of Southern Mississippi


I learned early on that Joey had incredible skill in his knowledge base of music theory involving scale forms, chord structure and modern theory.

—Dr. David Klee, Professor of Music, Buena Vista University


Mr. Joey Stuckey proved to be the best speaker we found who inspired, challenged and encouraged Mercer students.

—Kimberly Crowe, Predient Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Tau chapter, Mercer University


We've had 400+ speakers from 5 continents join us at our events, and Joey is one of the very best speakers we've included in our programmes.

—Luke Jones, Head of Events, Music Cities Events & Sound Diplomacy


He is the consummate artist. Joey reminds us to live intentionally, gratefullly, humbly and joyfully.

—Ellen Francese, Professor of Liberal Arts, Berklee College of Music


From the first word he spoke, he had his audience spellbound, which is no mean feat with a room of 92 thirteen year olds.

—Carla Barwick, Middle School Campus Minister, Mt. de Sales Academy

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Select favorites from some of Joey's top albums, plus a bonus tribute to Joey.
"When I was about 12 years old, I became a fan of public radio and the classic and modern radio shows they broadcast, not to mention the amazing music and news programs that are at the heart of public radio. I was very sick as a child as the result of a brain tumor which is also the reason I am blind. One of my favorite shows was made by the company ZPPR out of New York. George Zar one of the founders and I became friends. I called George once, at the age of 12 or 13 and told him I was a fan. I got letters from the cast of the ZPPR productions wishing me well and to get better and then they even named a character of the show after me. Here is a clip where that character was featured." —Joey
Album Record

Album Record

Still Me, Sane And Free
Album Record

Take A Walk In The Shadows
Album Record

Truth Is A Misty Mountain
Album Record

We'll See
Album Record

ZPPR Tribute to Joey