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Ted Hajnasiewicz's "This Is What I Do" CD (December 13, 2018)

Ted HajnasiewiczTed's sort of like discovering a Mayan Temple in your backyard — It's historic, it's cool, and you weren't looking for it, but it's made your day!

No, my friends, I haven't lost it - not yet anyway!

But, as you know I get excited about this thing called music!

When ever I find a new artist, someone that is talented and has an unquice voice, well, I am over the moon, and that is how I feel listening to the new release by Ted Hajnasiewicz.

The music is what I would call Americana, though that is a broad umbrella. I think of Ted as a wonderful blend of Matthew Sweet, Neal Young and Neal Diamond.

Ted has done a lot of things right with this release. The basic recording quality is good and so are the performances. His vocals are top notch and the lyrics and melodies are memorable and accessible and relevant. We all know what it means to be looking for something, sometimes only to discover that while we haven't found what we were looking for, we found that where we are and what we are doing isn't the solution, so we must move on down the road and try again to find ourselves. Ted explores this and more with his January 2019 release, "This Is What I Do".Ted Hajnasiewicz - This Town (single)

I think what I love best is that Ted is a great communicator. His vocals, mix of the recordings, the instrumentation and performances all serve the master, need to say what is on his heart and mind and they do with great effect.

I also love Ted's sense of humor. He is an engaging fellow and his website is well done and captures who he is quickly so you understand what it is you are going to get with his art. In short, I love how genuine he and his music are!

I wouldn't be the nit-picky producer I am, nor would I be giving you the kind of review you have come to expect from me, if I didn't share just a few minor points Ted should consider for his next project.

First, the drumming on this record isn't perfect and there are a few truly loose moments, but not enough that it should greatly take away from your listening enjoyment, unless you do music production for a living, like myself, and even I am able to overlook it for the most part. In this same vein, I am not in love with the depth of tone of the acoustic guitars. I think Ted would greatly benefit from a fuller sound with less of the tone coming from the pick-up and more mics on the guitars. Finally, on one track there is a multiband delay on the vocals and I think it distracts from Ted's great vocals and just isn't needed, honestly. Again, I only mention these things, so any music gurus out there don't say I wasn't honest, but again, despite these minor flaws, Ted's music is a real treat and is deserving of your support.

Be sure to go to his website and buy some music:

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